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Instructional plans for potential bad weather week of Feb. 15 - Grades 5-12

Preparaciones para el posible mal tiempo: Grados 5 al 12

Grades 5 through 12

To prepare for the possibility of inclement weather next week, students will take home their devices (laptop or iPad) on Friday, Feb. 12. In the event of a school closing due to bad weather/hazardous road conditions, students would receive instruction virtually (at home) on those days beginning Tuesday. (Monday, Feb. 15 is a Staff Development Day, and students will not attend school.) 

This will enable our students to continue to receive vital instruction and help us fill in the gaps that we know are present from missing so much school last spring as well as this year due to our late start date, quarantines, illness, etc.

Families would still have time to enjoy the snow, and our kids would also have the opportunity to continue to receive instruction, so they don’t fall further behind academically. We realize that many parents are currently working from home, and many parents work outside of the home. We also realize our families and students look forward to snow days.

Students will continue with their classes as normal, and teachers will be available for assistance (if needed) via SchoolStatus and/or Zoom during the class period. Students are not required to login to Canvas during their scheduled time but must complete assignments in Canvas for that day by midnight. If a student needs help on an assignment outside of the scheduled class time, they can message the teacher to set up a time to get help.

We have been working with our kids and teachers to prepare them for this type of situation. We believe this is a great opportunity to utilize the tools we have in place.

We do have additional days/minutes built into the calendar in the event of a closure due to the pandemic. If we do not have to close due to the pandemic this year, we will “cash in” those days at the end of the year. We will communicate this plan the first week of April.

If your child is not in attendance on Friday, the parent may pick up his/her device for use next week during the school day on Friday.

For questions and the Help Desk ticket regarding Technology Support on these days, click here.

For more information regarding inclement weather procedures, click here.