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Classroom Pumpkin Patch Helps Pre-Kindergartners Learn Counting, Weighing and More

No one really knew just how much a pumpkin patch could teach pre-kindergartners until Kathy Adair and her students created one in their classroom at West Elementary!  


By buying and selling pumpkins, students are learning comparing and sorting, how to measure size and weight, and how to count coins. 

"They sorted the pumpkins into small, medium and large and then determined how much they would pay for their pumpkin based on the size," said Adair. 

The kids also observed changes in the pumpkin seeds they planted, learned about the life cycle, and discussed the roles of farmers and market workers. 


When investigating the parts of a pumpkin's "guts," students not only used their senses to find out how the inside of a pumpkin felt and smelled, they also learned how to use a balance scale, compared weights and amounts, counted seeds, and graphed the pumpkins based on size. 

Adair said the kids will also measure their bodies by the number of pumpkins on the wall. "After tracing and cutting out a pumpkin the size of the ones on the wall, we will write "I am ____ pumpkins tall." 

Students in the afternoon class are: (front row, l-r) Jacob Hernandez, Chloe Butler, (center) Bryson Hudson, Chrissie Bonner, Jaxon Kinton, Veralyn Oviedo, Ximena Dobbins, (back) Adriana Sanders, Aaliyah Jones, Teal LeMaster and Angel Arroyo.
Pre-kindergartners in the morning class are: (front row) Rylee Gravelle, (second row, l-r) Aulani Gordon, Khessi Ross, (third row) Colt Combs, Adam Morris, Nate Rincon, Conner Dingman, and Isaiah Funez-Croshman, (back) Andrew Cain, Dalton Ard, Jesse Benites and Bayleigh Glover.