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Texas Education Agency Releases 2018 District A-F Accountability Ratings

The Texas Education Agency released the 2018 accountability ratings under its new A-F system on Wednesday. White Settlement ISD will receive an overall district rating of a C, earning 78 points ... 2 points shy of a B rating. 

The ratings are based on data in three domains: student achievement (how well students performed on the STAAR); school progress (how much improvement students made from one year to the next or how well they did in relation to comparable campuses); and closing the gaps (how well schools do educating kids in different subgroups, such as those living in poverty, enrolled in special education or of various ethnic backgrounds).

“Four years ago, we knew this new rating system was coming and we began taking strides to address the areas where we needed improvement,” said Superintendent Frank Molinar. 

At the high school level, a large component that impacts the district rating is college and career and military readiness, and some of the data evaluated is from three years ago.

WSISD has revamped its Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at Brewer High School over the past three years, providing several additional career pathways for students including agricultural science and engineering. 

WSISD also implemented programs to increase the number of students taking college level credit courses and the ACT/SAT. WSISD is also considering the implementation of an ROTC program in the near future. 

As a result, the number of students participating in CTE and advanced academics programs at Brewer has doubled over the past two years. 

 Elementary and middle school ratings are based entirely on performance on the STAAR.

“We continue to focus instructionally on the overall mastery of learning for students in kindergarten through 12th grades and on literacy at the elementary level,” said Molinar. 

“We have seen tremendous improvement at our elementary schools, and that foundation is bleeding up into our middle school and high school with annual, continual improvement,” said Molinar. 

“We have a solid plan in place to ensure that our kids excel in these areas, and we anticipate that WSISD and all of our schools will far exceed this year’s results in 2019,” said Molinar.  

The schools will not receive a letter grade until 2019. However, every campus earned a Met Standard rating, and five of the eight schools earned at least one distinction. The Fine Arts Academy earned six of six distinctions, and Liberty Elementary earned three. North and West Elementaries and Brewer Middle School earned one distinction. 

Campuses are eligible for distinction designations for student progress and closing performance gaps based on their scores on Index 2 and Index 3, respectively. 

Campuses are also eligible for academic achievement distinction designations in reading/English language arts, math, science, and social studies. Campus distinction designations are based on performance in relation to a comparison group of campuses.