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Health Services » COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Dashboard

This page provides a site-by-site COVID tracking tool for each WSISD campus/facility and is designed to provide our community with an overview of the COVID impact in our district.

  • The counts represent only lab-confirmed positive cases of a student or staff member reported to the district.
  • Individuals sent home as close contacts are not reflected in the chart as they are sent home as a required precaution but are not lab-confirmed positive cases.
  • The count represents both in-person and virtual learners as well as staff members. Virtual learners are noted with an asterisk (*).
  • The dashboard will be updated on school days by 5 p.m. to reflect current statistics. Cases reported during non-school hours and over the weekends will be reported on the next day classes are in session.
  • The active case counts reported below represent the most accurate tracking of the COVID impact in WSISD. Dashboards provided by county and state organizations are updated weekly and do not provide real-time daily counts.

Notification Process
When lab-confirmed cases are reported to the district, all staff and parents at the affected school will receive an email notification. Due to privacy requirements, we will not release the name of the individual or details that may identify him/her. The campus administration and school nurses will work closely with the local health department to conduct a careful review to determine individuals who had close contact. The campus will directly notify any students, staff, or visitors who came into close contact with the infected individual by phone. 

Close contact is defined as:
    • Being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g. being coughed/sneezed on); or
    • Being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes or longer; however, additional factors like whether both individuals were consistently wearing a face covering, ventilation, the presence of desk shields, hand sanitizer, and case symptomology may affect this determination.

To prevent the further spread of the virus, those who were in close contact with the individual will remain off campus for up to 14 days to ensure they do not have the virus. 

COVID-19 Dashboard
The table represents the number of lab-confirmed cases reported to WSISD for the current week. Both in-person and virtual learners as well as staff are included in the reported counts
VL - Designates Virtual Learner

Updated Oct. 23, 2020

COVID-19 Dashboard

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