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Virtual Academy » Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the WSISD Virtual Academy!  We are excited to offer a school of choice option for families that find it beneficial to learn from home. Many of our families have chosen to attend our campus due to a desire for a home school atmosphere, a need for scheduling flexibility for travel or occupational reasons, and/or due to health concerns.  Our fully staffed campus will provide an engaging, rigorous, and high quality educational experience for our online students.  We will provide an excellent educational experience as well as opportunities for social emotional learning, relationship building, extracurricular participation, field trips, and family engagement events. Our students will be held to high academic standards as they are prepared for their future.

Basic Information
When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is Monday, August 2, 2021.

What is your service area?
Our service area is within a 75-mile radius from our campus in WSISD.

Is there a fee to participate in the WSISD Virtual Academy? 
The WSISD Virtual Academy is a public, tuition-free school for students in kindergarten through 8th grades.  *Families are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable technology assurance fee of $25.

Will my child still be enrolled at his/her home campus?
No, our campus is a stand alone school and students will be enrolled in the WSISD Virtual Academy full-time.

What is the attendance policy? 
Students are required to be in attendance, in appropriate dress, WITH CAMERA ON. Students are expected to be in an appropriate learning environment with technology equipment and learning materials prepared and readily available during all lessons. (Students will not be allowed to attend class from areas that will distract from the learning environment of others, like their beds, while shopping, watching TV, listening to music, etc.) Students will utilize virtual backgrounds to protect their home privacy.

Students will be counted present for synchronous, live face to face sessions with a teacher.  District attendance guidelines will be followed. Non-attendance will result in removal from the Virtual Academy.

Where can I get more information regarding Virtual Academy?
Information can be found on our district website.  

Are school uniforms required for the Virtual Academy? 
We do not require uniforms, but our WSISD student dress guidelines will be required and can be found at https://www.wsisd.com/apps/pages/dress-guidelines.

Will parents or students ever have to physically report to a school building for instruction, meetings or testing?
We will have a mandatory parent meeting.  During this meeting, we will discuss policies, procedures, expectations, etc.  Technology devices will be issued at this time and families will be able to meet our teachers.

Students will be required to report for assessments and interventions at various times during the year.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Beginning, Middle, and End of Year diagnostic testing for reading and math
  • Benchmark and STAAR/TELPAS Assessments
  • Students who are not academically successful may be required to come in for intervention/tutoring services.

OPTIONAL activities for students may include family engagement programs, clubs, special academic activities, field trips, etc.

Where is the Virtual Academy located?
Our address is 8224 White Settlement Road, White Settlement, Texas 76108.

Can I return back to in-person learning at any time? 
Accepted students are required to commit for one semester.

Do all students that apply get accepted into the Virtual Academy?
No.  There is an application process and document review for acceptance.  All requested documents must be received before the review process can occur.  Acceptance criteria includes passing grades on the 2020-21 report card, passing STAAR scores, prior attendance and discipline review.

Can homeschool or private school students enroll into the WSISD Virtual Academy?
Yes. Students who are coming from home school without records will be asked to come in before school starts for a placement assessment. 

If my child is enrolled in the WSISD Virtual Academy, who will teach him/her? 
Students enrolled in the WSISD Virtual Academy will be instructed by certified WSISD teachers. Teachers will be available for conferences during their office hours and by email.

Technology Information

Will my child be issued technology? 
WSISD is a one-to-one district. All students are issued a district device that must be used for course work.
*Families are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable technology assurance fee of $25.00.

What technology platforms will be primarily used for instruction?
Canvas, SeeSaw, and Microsoft Teams will be used daily in addition to other academic programs. Classes will be synchronous and asynchronous depending upon the schedule.​

Instructional Information

Will students have access to all instructional content areas?
Yes.  Students will be instructed in English/language arts, math, social studies, science, fine arts, physical education, etc.  All teachers are certified.  District grading guidelines will be in place.

Do students in the Academy work at their own pace, or do they follow the day-to-day bell schedule? Students who are enrolled in the WSISD K-8 Virtual Academy are assigned a schedule of classes with courses designated for specific times and days of the week. On any given day, students may be working independently on follow-up or practice assignments, or they may be receiving “live,” synchronous instruction depending on the schedule for the specific grade level.

Will students with disabilities, served through a Special Education IEP or 504, be able to participate in the WSISD Virtual Academy? If my child receives dyslexia or speech services, how will those be served?
Yes, students with disabilities served through the WSISD Special Education Department will have equal access to the Virtual Academy through the open enrollment criteria. The district ensures to the greatest extent possible, that each student with an IEP or IAP will receive instructional services to meet the unique needs of the student as documented in their IEP or IAP.

Can my student participate in UIL activities if he/she are enrolled in WSISD Virtual Academy?
Yes, 6th through 8th grade students who desire to participate in UIL activities will be able to participate at the appropriate school campus (based on their proof of residency) as their schedule allows.

In middle school, which courses will my child take if they enroll in WSISD Virtual Academy? 
For students in grades 6-8, learners will follow a full schedule – that is, they will carry the typical number of courses (six for most students) on their schedule. 6th-8th graders will be contacted before the year begins regarding elective choice and PE/athletic choice.

What curriculum will the WSISD Virtual Academy utilize?
All students enrolled in the WSISD Virtual Academy will have access to the high quality curriculum aligned with the state standards (TEKS) and developed by our district instructional department and teachers. Lesson quality, the amount of work assigned, the timing and pacing, and the order in which concepts are learned will follow our district scope and sequence. Students who choose to return to their home campus at semester should have a learning path that matches their peers.

Will students be attending classes daily from approximately 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.?
Schedules will vary by grade level and have not been specifically set at this time.  Students will not be expected to be live on screen all day, from 8-3:30, but classes will be scheduled within that time frame.

If a student needs extra assistance, will the Academy provide after school assistance?
We will provide some in-person tutoring as needed and as teacher schedules allow.

Will my child need a learning coach with them for Virtual Learning?
It is expected that an adult learning coach is with the student for assistance, as needed, to ensure that the student attend classes and complete assignments. Younger students will probably need more assistance.

Virtual Academy enrollment can be revoked at any time if the student:

    • Is academically unsuccessful; 
    • Fails to attend live sessions and participate;
    • Does not adhere to guidelines regarding attendance, behavior, assignment completion, etc.;
    • Has excessive absences; or 
    • Administration recommends withdrawal.