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Thank you to our WSISD School Board Members for their service to the children in our community.

Hope Squad Newsletters

Wellness Today Parent Newsletters
April 2020
  Keeping Mental Health Intact During a Crisis
  Tips for Helping Children During a Crisis
  Mantener la Salud Mental Intacta Durante una Crisis 
  Consejos para Ayudar a sus Hijos Durante una Crisis

  21 Apps Parents Need to Know About
  21 Aplicaciones que los Padres Deben Saber

January 2020
  How to Make Goals to Improve Mental Health
  Cómo Establecer Objetivos Para Mejorar la Sanación Mental 

November 2019
  How to Recognize and Help Manage Stress
  How to Help Bullies and the Bullied
  Start of School Year Emotions
February 2019
   Signs of Stress
   Managing Stress 
   Dealing with Mistakes
    Warning Signs of Emotional Struggle
    Teaching When Your Child is Mean to Someone
    Teaching Children Assertive Responses to Unkindness
   Conquering Anxiety
   What's Happening in the Brain
   Tips to Reduce Stress 
Wellness Today Teacher Newsletters 

January 2021
  Tips for Helping Students Set Goals Despite COVID-19
  Setting Goals & Mental Health

November 2020
  Tips for Helping Struggling Students & Teachers
   Watching Out for Cyberbullying 
January 2020
   Understanding Risk Factors and Warning Signs of Suicide

November 2019
  Preventing and Responding to Bullying in the Classroom
  Warning Signs of Bullying

  Signs of Social Connection Struggles
  Developing Social Connection
  Managing Stress - Self Care 
January 2019
  Signs of Emotional Struggle
  Intervening When Students 
Are Mean to Each Other
  Teaching Children Assertive Responses to Unkindness
November 2018
  Helping Students Develop Resilience
  Helping Students After Social Rejection