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WSISD students will not attend school Thursday & Friday, Oct. 6 and 7 & Monday, Oct. 10.
PeachJar » Flyer Distribution in our Schools

Flyer Distribution in our Schools

Electronic Flyer Approval and Delivery in Our Schools | Eflyers

Eflyers are sent directly to our parents’ email inboxes as well as be posted online for easy access through the District’s partner, Peachjar.

Eflyer delivery saves paper, reduces copy costs, and reduces the amount of time teachers, office staff, and volunteers spend stuffing folders with flyers. In addition, it ensures that parents receive the information from their child’s school.

To access the flyers for your child's school, simply look for the peachjar button at the bottom of the home page of the website for your child's school. Or to find a particular school, visit www.peachjar.com.
To Distribute Flyers in Our Schools


Peachjar's Community Free (Free Flyer Posting Program) was created to allow local community organizations to distribute their digital flyers to nearby schools at no cost when promoting a free event or activity that does not encourage participants to join a fee-based program, or include the opportunity to purchase products, services, or food and beverages. To ensure flyers are relevant to all parents and to decrease approval requests received by districts, Peachjar limits organizations using Community Free flyer distribution to one posting every 30 days for up to 25 schools


Local community organizations can continue to promote various free programs by consolidating their flyers into a single, multi-page flyer. Also, organizations such as cities can have multiple Community Free accounts that are department-specific, and create Community Free accounts for their local branches (e.g. libraries). 


Requesting Flyer Approval

Our district cooperates with community groups and organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students by distributing materials electronically via Peachjar. Once your flyer is posted to a school's Peachjar site, parents are notified via email of the new posting. Parents can view the flyer via computer, phone, or tablet and click directly on any links in your flyer.

To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to all parents and posted online. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.
  • Visit www.peachjar.com
  • Register as an Enrichment Provider (account type).
  • Upload your flyer for approval.

Your flyer will be automatically submitted to the Communications Office. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the flyer guidelines here.

Peachjar charges a fee for this service which is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver flyers to each school. The cost will range from $15 to $30 per school depending on the frequency of delivery. Once approved, your flyer will be delivered electronically to all parents and posted online.
For more information, visit Peachjar: www.peachjar.com