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2020-21 Staff Resources » School Closure Virtual Learning Teacher Guidelines

School Closure Virtual Learning Teacher Guidelines


Teacher Requirements

  • Office Hours:  ALL teachers must establish 2 hours each day between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Teachers will use these hours to answer questions and communicate with specific students and parents. Parent communication should be responded to within 24 hours, if received outside your office hours. 

  • SchoolStatus emails/announcements must be used for all communication. Teachers will refrain from using the text feature as much as possible.  No communication should be sent on the weekends or outside the hours of 8 a.m and 7 p.m. on weekdays. Teachers may choose alternate avenues (Facebook, etc.) as an additional tool. 

  • Teachers will support district curriculum guides with a minimum of 2 recorded academic videos for Math and ELAR per week, 1 recorded academic video for Science/Social Studies per week and a minimum of 1 live session per week.  All recorded videos will be housed in Canvas.

  • Pre-K & ECSE teachers will support curriculum guides with a minimum of 3 recorded academic videos that are ELAR/Social Studies based per week and 2 recorded academic videos that are Math/Science based per week and a minimum of 1 live session per week.  All recorded videos will be housed in Canvas.

  • K through 1st grade students must have one assignment due each day.  2nd -4th grade students must have an assignment due each day in Math & ELAR.  Students should have one assignment per week for Science/Social. All assignments will be completed in Canvas. 

  • Pre-K & ECSE students must have 1 assignment due each day. Assignments for the week will be listed on an assignment board that the teacher sends to the parent through SchoolStatus. Parents must submit a picture of the completed assignment daily through SchoolStatus.

  • Teachers should track progress/time completed in Imagine Learning.  Diagnostic assessments should be completed by 9/16.  After the diagnostic is completed teachers should follow the guidelines below.

    • 2nd - 4th: Minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days a week for both Math & Reading 
    • Kindergarten - 1st:  Minimum of 10 minutes, 3 days a week for both Math & Reading
    • 2nd - 4th: Minimum of 10 minutes 3 days a week on Math Facts
    • The Zoom schedule will be driven by campus administration.
    • Students will submit assignments between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.  For students who submit assignments after teacher hours (4 p.m. to 11 p.m.), attendance can be adjusted the next day.
    • Teachers will participate in PLCs (times to be assigned by the principal). 
    • Epic/Raz/HMH - Teachers will assign books through Epic/Raz for student reading per the chart below.  Teachers will choose how to hold students responsible for daily reading time. (Reader’s response, reading log, conference, etc.)


Minutes per day









  • Grades 5-12
    • Learning Platform – Canvas 
    • Specified time during the day for virtual classroom instruction and tutoring
    • 2 lessons per week over new instruction
    • Recorded instructional videos – 2 per week over new learning
    • 1 grade per week 
    • Attendance taken daily based on student participation on daily assignments 
    • Contact students and parents if student misses 2 consecutive days of daily instruction, is failing class(es) or not making progress 
    Special Population Teachers

    Non-Homeroom Teachers (RTI, STAAR, etc.): Ensure support for those students that receive services during the school day.  

    Inclusion/Resource Teachers - General Guidelines

    • Review current and next week’s lesson plans.
    • Accommodate and modify per IE.
    • Schedule co-teach/instructional support time with teacher or schedule direct instruction for students per IEP.
    • Document time spent with teachers and students. Consult with speech and/or related service personnel for additional supports to provide.
    Additional Requirements - Special Education Virtual Teaching
    Contact every student 2 times per week on caseload and review lesson/work concerns, difficulties, or need for reteaching.
    • Any specialized instruction should be via teleconference with a general education teacher (co-teach) or small group of students with IEPs (resources).   Services must be minute per minute from IEP.
    • Service provider schedules will be coordinated to minimize difficulty of accessing services.
    • CLASS will be used to develop PLAAFP, progress monitoring, and goal assessments for students with IEP.
    • Teachers will facilitate the use of the room to participate in ARD meetings.

    • Teachers should consult with campus staff to work on minimizing schedule conflict.
    • Times should be scheduled during school day.
    • Teachers should have virtual (by student choice) or shutdown (no choice) lessons prepared on a 2 week cycle. Material should be made available for pick up every other Thursday or Friday for the weeks following.
    • Lessons will occur virtually a minimum of 2 times per week per child (unless 504 or IEP reads differently) with a maximum of 4 students being served at one time.
    Dual Language 
    Teachers will ensure students have access to grade level assignments in both English and Spanish. Students may choose to complete assignments in the language in which they have the most home support or will be most successful.  ELs must continue to have bilingual services as required by TEA.  Students will also have language enrichment activities assigned for the second language.
    Teachers will ensure students have access to grade level assignments with appropriate accommodations according to their level of English proficiency.  If parents request translation support for languages other than Spanish, email Amy Ferguson, aferguson@wsisd.net, to connect with translation services.

    Students will receive an optional assignment for the 2 week period starting Sept. 14.  GT teachers will provide support through office hours and will communicate directly with parents.

    • Work will be communicated through Canvas.
    • 1st - 4th grade students will receive a minimum of 1 grade each week in Reading, Math and Science/Social Studies.
    • Pre-K work will be communicated through SchoolStatus.
    • Student attendance is based on daily assignments or daily communication with the teacher.
    • Attendance should be taken each day by the attendance period.  If a student submits an assignment after the attendance period but before 11:59 p.m., attendance will be adjusted the following day. 
    • Teacher must make contact with the parent after 2 absences or 2 days without completion of the assignment or contact with the teacher.
    • If the teacher is unable to contact the parent, notify your administrator.