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Virtual Learning » Virtual Learning Grades 5-12

Virtual Learning Grades 5-12


The deadline for returning WSISD students to apply for virtual learning has passed. We realize that the current situation is evolving and that your family circumstances may change. If your circumstances change and you need to change your child's learning model, please contact your child's campus.

White Settlement ISD Virtual Learning will require an adult who is active in the student’s learning process.  Activities will be designed to ensure that students continue learning at the pace of the current WSISD scope and sequence as well as continue to develop a love of learning and gain appropriate academic and social-emotional skills. WSISD will ensure open lines of communication between teachers, students and parents.  

The level of rigor, workload, time commitment and timing of classes will be significantly different from At Home Learning in the spring of 2020. We highly recommend that families with students who were not consistently engaged in At Home Learning this spring select the In Person Instructional Model to ensure student success.  

Grades 7-12 Learning Platform - Edgenuity and/or Canvas  
Grades 5-6 Learning Platform - Canvas  

Virtual Learning requires that: 

  • the student be an independent, self-paced learner. 
  • the student has organizational skills. 
  • the student has an adult active in the learning process. 
  • the student has Internet access and a technology device for daily use. All fifth through 12th grade students in Virtual Learning will be issued a Dell laptop. A $25 assurance fee will be required. Families requesting virtual instruction without reliable internet service will be prioritized for the issuance of district hot spots. A $25 assurance fee will be required. Students must use a district issued device because WSISD cannot provide technology support to students with a device from home. Also, students will be required to utilize apps that must be loaded. Some applications cannot be loaded on other devices.
  • the student completes his/her own assignments (academic dishonesty will not be allowed).  


Virtual Learning Overview  

  • Students will participate in virtual daily instruction with follow-up assignments. 
  • Grades for the virtual instructional model will follow all WSISD Grading Guidelines. Numeric grades will be assigned for each 9 weeks grading period and semester. 
  • Required progress checkpoints and a specified time will be allotted to complete assignments (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.). 
  • For certain courses, students may be required to login at their specified class period.  Students in AP and Dual Credit courses will be required to login during their class period time. 
  • Benchmark exams and summative exams may be required to be taken at a designated location.  Students may be required to attend 2 to 3 times per 9 weeks to take exams.  Social distancing and safety guidelines will be followed.  Summative exams will be scheduled at designated times.  Online proctoring will be utilized.  
  • Students at DAEP/JJAEP are not be eligible for virtual learning during their assigned time. 
  • To be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities, students must participate in the In Person Instructional Model. These include but are not limited to Athletics, Band, Choir, Drill Team, Cheerleading, Student Council, Elective Organizations, PALS, Intramurals, etc. 
  • There may be situations where courses selected by the student cannot be delivered in a virtual environment.  In those situations, school counselors will work with the student to select an appropriate course that will be delivered virtually.  This could result in a possible change to a student’s graduation plan. 

Families who select the virtual model for their student will commit to remaining in a virtual instructional setting for the entire first 9 weeks grading period. After the first 9 weeks, students who are struggling with virtual learning may opt into in-person instruction at the 3-week progress report date.  A doctor’s note will be required to opt back into the virtual instructional model. 

Families who select the in-person instructional model will commit to remaining in this setting for the entire first grading period.  After the first grading period, students may opt into the virtual school option at beginning of each grading period.  Students may opt into virtual learning at a different time with a doctor’s note. 

Students will be counted in attendance if: 

  • they complete an assignment between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. or 
  • they demonstrate daily progress in a course or 
  • they attend a live session with the virtual teacher(s)

Student Expectations 

  • View a virtual learning meeting with parent. 
  • Dedicate time each day to virtual learning. This includes time dedicated to complete assignments, virtual class meetings, watching instructional videos and scheduled times from teacher. 
  • Follow the designated schedule for virtual meetings. 
  • Submit all assignments by the due date. 
  • Participate in virtual learning activities by responding to questions, asking questions, providing input and working with groups. 
  • Complete work to fulfill attendance requirements.
  • Monitor progress to ensure assignments are completed on time. 
  • Identify a quiet and comfortable space for virtual learning.  
  • Practice proper etiquette while engaging on virtual platforms.
  • Engage in consistent two-way communication with teacher(s). 


Parent Expectations 

  • View a virtual learning meeting with student.
  • Monitor time spent on virtual learning to ensure: student completes daily assignments, student progresses to complete courses, and student attends virtual class meetings. 
  • Monitor coursework to ensure student is successful with virtual learning. 
  • Assist student in setting up a daily schedule. 
  • Help student identify a quiet and comfortable space for virtual learning.  
  • Maintain communication between your child and their teachers through SchoolStatus or email. 
  • Help your student take ownership of his/her learning. The goal is for students to be as self-directed as possible (as appropriate according to age of the student). 


The district may revoke virtual learning if: 

  • the student has 3 or more unexcused absences within a 2-week period (attendance is taken daily by assignments completed and/or course progress), or 
  • the student is failing one or more courses, or 
  • the student is not meeting adequate progress for completion of one or more courses or 
  • the student exhibits academic dishonesty.