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School Safety Initiatives

White Settlement ISD strives to provide a safe environment for your children and our employees. The district continuously implements new programs and safety measures so our campuses to enhance security.

WSISD has implemented several safety initiatives in our schools and buildings
  • To protect our students, the Raptor System is used at all schools. All visitors must sign in at the office and present a photo ID. The system runs the ID through the national sex offender databases, and it alerts school staff of potential threats. This system also enables our staff to ensure that all visitors are accounted for in the event of a crisis at a school. 

    All visitors are required to provide a photo ID in the form of a Driver’s License, Passport, Resident Alien ID or Military ID. IDs are held in the office. Each visitor will receive a visitor badge that must be worn at all times. Visitors will turn in their badges in the office upon departure and receive their ID. IDs will be taken at every event during the school day so please ensure that you plan ahead to arrive at the school early for the event.

  • WSISD expanded our safety program to include the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). The SRP is based on four actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. SRP provides a common language for both schools and local law enforcement agencies. Click here for more details.

  • All of our campus staff and central administration attended safety training in Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Avoid Deny Defend (ADD) this August, and we will continue to provide training and drills throughout the school year to ensure that our team members have the latest information and training to keep our kids safe.

  • WSISD upgraded our camera system district-wide and added additional cameras.  

  • For the past three years, WSISD has upgraded and improved the vestibules to the main offices at every school to enhance safety. Outside visitors do not have access to the main school building before being buzzed through one locked door.  

  • WSISD police officers attended additional Active Shooter Training this summer. 

  • WSISD has partnered with the Fort Worth Fire Department's Arson/Bomb Squad Division, and all staff will receive additional Avoid Deny Defend (ADD) training this fall.

  • As an enhanced safety measure at our public events, the Fort Worth Fire Department's Arson/Bomb Squad Division will train their vapor wake dogs at WSISD events including football games. The dogs are used for bomb detection.

  • WSISD has partnered with the Good Canine Academy, which currently provides our comfort dogs in our schools. The Academy will provide dogs in our schools that search for gun powder residue. Click here for more information.
WSISD Police Department 
  • White Settlement ISD has its own police department which includes certified police officers, civilian safety officers and a drug detection dog.

  • The police department networks with local police agencies to ensure an immediate response to dangerous situations at schools.

  • Police officers receive specialized training in school violence and first aid in addition to state-mandated training and CPR courses.

  • Drug detection dog searches are performed in the secondary schools.

  • An officer is assigned to respond to all after-hours school alarms.

  • The department has well-equipped police cars enabling officers to quickly respond to any situation that may arise.

  • The department assesses fines for non-moving violations and tobacco use on school property and enforcement of all city, state and federal laws.

  • The department has a zero tolerance policy regarding tobacco and illegal drugs.

District-wide Procedures
  • All employees and volunteers must pass criminal history checks.

  • WSISD has a district-wide crisis team comprised staff from every school and department. These individuals receive annual training and are available to assist other schools in the event of an crisis situation.

  • Lockdowns may be implemented at your child’s school in response to emergency situations. Law enforcement assesses the danger and determines the duration of a lockdown. All students are kept in the classroom or designated locations that are away from danger. Students should not use their cell phones. If parents are called by students, they will not be allowed into the school during a lockdown until we are instructed to do so by emergency personnel. Traffic jams and jammed phone lines could prevent our schools from being able to get help in a timely manner. 

  • Our office staff does not answer the phone during a lockdown so we can focus on ensuring the safety of our kids. If a lockdown is implemented at your child's school, a message will be posted on the WSISD website and we will provide you with pertinent information. Please do not go to the school.

  • Employees wear unique name badges when they are on duty.

  • A call trace feature on the district-wide phone system enables employees to determine the source of false reports such as hoax bomb threats.

  • The district enforces a policy which includes: closing campuses at lunch; using hand-held metal detectors during some after-school functions at the secondary level; ensuring limited but secure campus access and using portable metal detector gates on a random basis.

  • WSISD participates in the Absent Student Assistance Program (ASAP) with the Tarrant County Constable’s Office. With ASAP, which is designed to improve student attendance, deputies conduct visits to notify parents of excessive absences.

  • Metal gates are installed in campus parking lots to control the traffic flow and secure the campuses.

  • Employees who work with special needs and at risk students receive special training in crisis management which includes the continuum from verbal de-escalation to physical restraint .

Campus Programs
  • All campuses have developed crisis management plans.

  • Brewer High School and Brewer Middle School require all students to wear ID badges at all times.

  • Several campuses have implemented Peer Mediation programs in which mediators receive training to provide other students with non-violent solutions to disputes that arise.

  • Every WSISD campus has implemented a character education program.