White Settlement Independent School District

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Private Lesson Staff

If you are interested in private lessons, please contact one of our teachers listed on the PDF below. Also see the contract at the bottom for additional information about lessons. Our private teachers work with band students of all grades (5-12) and at every band campus. Private lessons are a great way to speed up the learning process and to help them gain confidence by working on the specific skills they need help on!
Lessons are $18.00 each for a half hour/half class period. If the teacher has a Masters or Doctorate degree then the price is $20.00 each for a half hour/half class period. Students may also sign up for a buddy lesson, 2 students in the same band class will take a lesson at the same time for half price. 
All of our private lesson teachers will be offering in person lessons.
Need help paying for private lessons? If you need help paying for lessons, we have scholarships from our booster club that cover $10 off the cost of each lesson.
Private Lesson Contract
Read the private lesson contract below. The contract and the first month’s fees must be returned to the private lesson teacher before the first lesson will be taught. (the single scholarship form is also listed below for convenience)