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Library » The Classification System

The Classification System

The ten large classes with their numbers are as follows:
000 to 099 - General Works: encyclopedias, periodicals, newspapers, atlases, almanacs, etc.
100 to 199 - Philosophy: esthetics, psychology, logic, ethics, etc.
200 to 299 - Religion: Bible, theology, church, etc.
300 to 399 - Social Sciences: sociology, economics, law, education, etc.
400 to 499 - Language: dictionaries, grammars, readers, etc., in all languages
500 to 599 - Pure Science: mathmatics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc.
600 to 699 - Technology: engineerings, health, medicine, inventions, televisions, business, etc.
700 to 799 - The Arts: sculptures, drawing, painting, music, sports, hobbies, etc.
800 to 899 - Literature: poems, plays, and essays in all languages.
900 to 999 - History: geography, travel, histories of all countries and all ages

lives of individuals are arranged alphabetically by the name of the person written about.
grouped on the shelves separately and arranged alphabetically by the authors' last names.
The Classification System

The Most universally used system of classifying books and arranging them upon the library shelves was planned by Melvil Dewey. His system is called the Dewey Decimal System of Classification.