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WSISD schools to be closed Friday, Jan. 14 through Tuesday, Jan. 18 due to staffing shortages.
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Painting Information

The mission of WSISD’s Operations Department is to provide wall finishes that are aesthetically pleasing, and maintained well but also to comply with federal, state, and local regulations.The purpose of this Operating Policy/ Procedure (OP) is to establish a standard policy for painting District building interiors and to provide guidelines for color selections.
In order to be attuned to our buildings and to respond to individual wishes for more color, additional colors are now being offered. A total of (7) colors will be used District wide, (1) base color and (6) accents colors. All walls will be painted the same base color, in classrooms and offices an individual may choose to have one accent wall and can choose from the available (6) colors. The Operations Department will decide the location of the accent wall.
Painting will be performed by the Operations Department or approved contractor ONLY, no other staff members will be allowed to paint any District owned facility.
Color Selections:
Light Tan for all classrooms, offices and halls (base color)
Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and Light Blue for accent walls
Painting Criteria:
Prior to painting, the room must meet the following criteria or the painting will not be completed.
  •  Staples, stickers, painted artwork, tape or any adhesives will not be allowed on any wall. These damage a wall drastically and can really delay the painting process. Scotch Removable Mounting Putty (or equal) can be used to mount items to walls.
  • All items on wall (staples, tape, banners, posters artwork etc… ) will need to be removed by staff member prior to painting. If this requirement is not met upon arrival, we will deny the painting request.
  • The individual requesting paint is responsible for moving all furniture to center of room prior to paint. Operations will not be able to assist with moving classroom/office furniture. If this requirement is not met upon arrival, the request will be denied.
  • When a campus has been selected for painting, a color palette will be sent by the Operations Department for color selection.
  • When color selections are completed all requests will be by campus and on a first come/first served basis.
  • Painting requests will be done via a Laserfiche form only, other request types will not be accepted.
  • If a room or office has been previously painted by an individual other than the Operations Department, it will be painted the new base color with one accent wall if desired.
General Information:
  • When an individual moves into a room with an existing accent wall and would like to change the color, a new painting request is required to change the accent wall color. The accent wall location will not be allowed to change.
  • Paint touch ups will be performed on a regular scheduled basis in main traffic areas and on an as needed basis in classrooms and individual offices.