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Open Enrollment FAQ

For a PDF version: Open Enrollment FAQ (PDF)
Why is WSISD allowing non-residents student in the district?
Under the current school finance system, the state has frozen the amount of money the district receives based on the property values of Austin ISD in 2005. Because of this freeze, WSISD loses state funding based on local property values increasing. Despite the decrease in state funding, the district must continue to pay for increased fuel and utility cost as well as increases in insurance and operating supplies. This does not account for any potential pay raises for staff who face the same price increases at home.  Due to available space, opening the district’s campuses to outside students is one way the district can raise additional revenue.
Does WSISD have room to add more students?
The district has the capacity for additional students. Because we already have space, it is somewhat similar to having a bus or airplane with open seats. It will not cost us to add students. However, we will get additional state revenue from the students’ attendance.
Why should I have to pay taxes in non-residents can go to school for free?
Local taxes do not fully support WSISD. Nearly half of the district’s budget is funded by the state.
All students are eligible for a free education in Texas. Allowing other students to attend actually
brings dollars to the district, rather than take them away. They will pay for themselves and then
How does the program benefit me as a taxpayer?
It adds state revenue to the district. The district will receive additional funds from the State of Texas
for the attendance of the out of district students.
Will allowing non-resident students from outside WSISD cause my taxes to increase?
No. By filling empty seats, WSISD will receive additional state revenue from the students’
attendance. If student enrollment does not increase, and the district is not able to find ways of
cutting costs or increasing revenue, one alternative will be to hold an election to increase the amount
of taxes paid by local taxpayers.
Are there any downsides to this program?
Students coming from outside of the district must meet our stated standards for attendance,
academics and behavior; otherwise they will be removed from the district.
There may be some cost associated with the administration and coordination of bringing in
additional students. If the program does not work as envisioned, the district has the right to
discontinue the program in the future.
Will this cause overcrowding in our schools?
Transfer students will only be allowed to attend where there is room in the building and the grade
level/program. The district will always maintain a buffer for families who may move into the district
during the school year.
Will this cause additional transportation cost?
Any student who requests and accepts a transfer to a school other than the one in his or her home
attendance area will be required to provide their own transportation to and from school.
What are the criteria for acceptance or denial of a transfer request?
All applications for transfer are required to meet the following standards:
• The student must have 90 percent attendance for the previous semester and the last six weeks.
• The student must be passing all classes currently and for the last semester completed.
• The student must have passed all portions of their latest state test/assessment exam. Students from home school, private school or non-accredited schools must show successful scores on the
district-delivered academic test.
• The student has not been placed in a DAEP.
• Space/program availability
• Change of residence during the school year
• Pending acquisition of another home (timeline involved)
• The campus principal may request to meet with the parents and student and have parents provide documentation of the above standards.

• Record of poor attendance, late arrivals, late pick-ups , and/or disciplinary infractions
• For the purpose of participating in athletics at receiving campus
• Falsification of information
• Failing grades
• Failing state-mandated assessment scores, or other recognized test
• Failure to meet district criteria for transfer
• Increased campus staffing
• Student projections reach 95 percent of campus/program capacity
What if this student or their family does not continue to meet the criteria for acceptance?
Revocation during the School Year
• Repeated failure to abide by the rules specified in the WSISD Student Handbook or Code of conduct
• Student commits a disciplinary infraction that mandates removal to the DAEP or JJAEP
• Documented pattern of late arrivals, late pick-ups, and/or poor attendance
• Lack of parental support of campus policies or regulations
• Falsification of information
• Students that do not meet the enrollment criteria annually