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Mission Statement
The Purchasing Department will procure a continuous supply of goods and services, at the best value, in support of the White Settlement Independent School District and its commitment to provide the best academic environment possible. For more information, download the Purchasing Department Manual or visit any of our helpful links.

All purchases made with District funds need to be made from a vendor that has been approved by the District’s Board of Trustees.

The Purchasing Department acts a liaison between suppliers and district personnel; therefore, all supplier representatives are asked to contact the Purchasing Department prior to contacting other district offices or campuses.

Supplier Registration
Suppliers interested in doing business with White Settlement ISD are invited to visit our 
Doing Business with White Settlement ISD page. 

Prospective suppliers should indicate which services area or commodity they are interested in providing to the District. Please note that it is the registered user’s responsibility to maintain current information within the e-bidding system and supplier registration process does not constitute “vendor approval”, and does not authorize you to provide goods or services to White Settlement ISD. The registration allows you to received email notification when the District issues new proposals and bid opportunities. Notice for Bids and Proposals are also published through the Star Telegram local newspaper.

Cooperative and Inter-local Contracts
White Settlement ISD also participates in cooperative and inter-local contacts for the purchase of goods and services by agreement with other local government, or State or State agencies that satisfy the requirement of competitive bids per the local government code. 

WSISD School Board Purchasing Policies

Nancy Escobar
Purchasing Coordinator
(817) 367-5305

Glossary of Procurement Terms (Alpha Order)

  • F to Z
Glossary of Procurement Terms F-Z

FIFTY THOUSAND – Texas Education Agency legal dollar threshold for bids

FINGERPRINT - Background checks I

NTERLOCAL- Agreement between districts to use one another’s contracts INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB)- (1) The solicitation document used for competitive sealed bidding, the customary method used by state and local governments for the purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, and construction. (2) All documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, utilized for soliciting bids.

LEGAL NOTICE- Notice of a proposed purchase as required by law. Depending upon the legal requirement, notice may be satisfied by posting an announcement of the purchase in a public place, notification of the appropriate bidders from the vendor mailing list (Bidders List), formal advertisement in a newspaper or newspapers, or a combination of these methods.

MULTIPLE AWARDS- The award of bids/proposals to two or more bidders for the same or essentially similar items. Appropriate only in situations where single award would be impossible or impractical and awards are limited to the least number of suppliers necessary for a workable contract.

PIGGY BACK- Using another district’s contract

PROPOSAL - The executed document submitted by an offeror in response to a Request for Proposal (and the basis for subsequent negotiation).

QUOTE- n. informal bid, v. process used

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) – (1) All documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, utilized for soliciting (competitive) proposals. The RFP procedure permits negotiation of proposals and prices as distinguished from competitive bidding and an Invitation for Bids. (2) The solicitation document used in the competitive negotiation process. The procedure allows changes to be made after proposals are opened and contemplates that the nature of the proposals and/or prices offered will be negotiated prior to award. RFQ- Request for Qualifications

SEALED BID- A bid which has been submitted in a sealed envelope to prevent its contents being revealed or known before the deadline for the submission of all bids: usually required by law or rule on major procurements, to enhance fair competition.

SKYWARD VENDOR- A “Skyward vendor” is a vendor that is established in the skyward Financial Management System. These vendors are not always on the approved vendor/contract list.

SOLE SOURCE PROCUREMENT- A purchase or award for a commodity or service to the only legally capable supplier, occasioned by the unique nature of the requirement, the supplier, or market conditions.

SPECIFICATION- A description of what the purchaser seeks to buy, and consequently, what bidder must be responsive to in order to be considered for award of a contract. A specification may be a description of the physical or functional characteristics, or the nature of, a supply of service. It may include a description of any requirements for inspecting, testing, or preparing a supply or service item for delivery. A purchase description.

STATUTES – Texas law TABULATION OF BIDS- A recording of bidders and abstract of their bids listing items offered, prices, deliveries, etc., in response to a specific solicitation, made for purposes of comparison and recordkeeping; an abstract.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS- A general reference applied to the provisions under which bids must be submitted and which are applicable to most purchase orders.

VENDOR FILE- Use Skyward to create PO’s and requisitions

  • A to B
Glossary of Procurement Terms A-B

ADVERTISING- A form of public notice of an intended purchase. See “Legal Notice.”

ALL-OR-NONE BID- A bid submitted for a number of different items, services, etc., in which the bidder states he will not accept a partial award, but will accept only an award for all the items, services, etc., included in the Invitation for Bids. Such bids are acceptable only if provide for in the Invitation, or if the bidder quoted an individual price for each of the items, services, etc., as listed and is the low bidder on each item.

ALTERNATE BID- A bid submitted in knowing variance from the specifications, terms, conditions, or provisions of the solicitation. Such a bid is acceptable only when the variance is deemed to be immaterial.

APPROVED VENDOR - An “approved vendor” is a vendor that has been awarded a Bid/Proposal through the WSISD competitive procurement process or through an Interlocal Agreement.

APPROVED VENDOR LIST - List of contracted vendors AWARD- The acceptance of a bid or proposal. BEST VALUE – Consider factors other than price

BID OPENING- The formal process through which bids are opened and the contents revealed for the first time to the district, other bidders and usually, to the public. At least two people are required to be present at each bid opening.

BID SECURITY- A guarantee, in the form of a bond or deposit, that the bidder, if awarded a bid, will accept the bid award as bid, otherwise the bidder (in the case of a deposit) or hi/her guarantor (in the case of a bond) will be liable for the amount of the bond or deposit.

BID- The executed document submitted by a Bidder in response to an invitation for Bids, or a multi –step bidding procedure.

BIDDER- Any person submitting a competitive bid in response to a solicitation.

BIDDERS LIST- A mailing list maintained by the purchasing department setting out the names and addresses of suppliers of various goods and services from whom bids, proposals, and quotations can be solicited (also called the vendor mailing list).

BRAND NAME- A name which serves to identify a product of a particular manufacturer. A trade name.

BRAND NAME OR EQUAL SPEICIFICATION - a specification that cites brand names, model numbers, or other identifications as representing quality and performance called for, and inviting bids on comparable items or products of any manufacturer.

BULK PURCASHING- Purchasing in large quantities to seek a lower price per unit; volume purchasing.

  • C to E
Glossary of Procurement Terms C-E

CATALOG- A listing of item identifications arranged systematically.

COMMODITY- An article of trade, a movable article of value, something that is bought or sold; any movable or tangible thing that is produced or used as the subject of barter or sale.

COMPETITION – The process by which two or more vendors vie to secure the business of a purchaser by offering the most favorable terms as to price, quality, delivery and/or service.

COMPETITIVE BIDDING- The submissions of prices by individuals or firms competing for a contract, privilege, or right to supply merchandise or services.

COMPETITIVE NEGOTIATION – A method for contracting for goods and services, whereby proposals are solicited from qualified suppliers, following submission of which changes in proposals and prices are allowed, and the offer deemed by the awarding authority to be most advantageous in terms of criteria as designated in the Request for Proposals is accepted; a negotiated procurement.

COMPETITIVE SEALED PROPOSALS - A term used for competitive negation as a source selection. COMPLIANCE- Adhere to mandates & statutes

COMPONENT PURCHASES – Purchases of the component parts of an item that in normal purchasing practices would be in one purchase.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST- A situation where the personal interests of a contractor, public official or employee are, or appear to be, at odds with the best interests of the district.

CONTRACT- Legally binding document COOPERATIVE – Source for interlocal contracts

COOPERATIVE PURCHASING- (1) The combining of requirements of two or more political entities to obtain the advantages of volume purchase, reduction in administrative expenses, or other public benefits. (2) Procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, more than one Public Procurement Unit, or by a Public Procurement Unit with an External Procurement Activity.

DISCOUNT- An allowance or deduction from a normal or list price extended by a seller to a buyer to make the net price more competitive.

EBID SUPPLIER REGISTRY (ION Wave)– Online bid & quote system

EDGAR- Education department general administrative regulations

EVALUATION COMMITTEE- A committee which advises and assists the purchasing office in evaluation and award, usually employed in high tech and purchase of services transactions.

EVALUATION OF BID- The process of examining a bid after opening to determine the bidder’s responsibility, responsiveness to requirements, and to ascertain other characteristics of the bid that relate to determination of the successful bidder.