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WSISD established fundraising guidelines in an effort to provide clear communication of District Guidelines and to:

  • protect students and parents from being exploited for fundraising purposes;
  • protect local businesses from excessive requests for money, goods, or services to support school-related activities;
  • and protect community members from intrusive solicitations.

Fundraising Requirements & Request to Raise Funds

The following must be completed by any WSISD organization that wishes to participate in fundraising:

  • Fundraising organizations must meet with the director or coach (or principal if an activity account) to determine the needs of the organization and develop a plan for the 2024-25 fundraising goals.
  • The fundraising organization and the director/coach should work together to determine the actual needs of students with the goal of limiting the number of fundraisers. This plan should include a specific list of what the organization will purchase with the proceeds from any fundraising.
  • All organizations must submit a budget/fundraising plan for the 2024-25 school year to

  • All PTAs/PTOs/Boosters must submit by-laws for 2024-25 to

  • The president, coach/sponsor/director, and/or individual overseeing fundraising must review the Fundraising Meeting and complete the Fundraising Meeting Completion Form.

  • The board—as a whole—must approve any expenditures in advance.

  • The majority of money raised through fundraising should be spent on the current year’s students.

Fundraising Requirements

Fundraising Resources

Booster Club, PTO & PTA Resources

Fundraising Contacts