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Open Records

The Communications Department handles all public information requests for the district. All requests for public information are handled in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code §552.001.

Requests for public information should be submitted in writing by e-mail, U.S. mail, or in person. This procedure allows the Communications Department to accurately document the date each request is received and respond in writing within the required ten business day time period.

Documents which are deemed public information will be made available for review and/or retrieval.

For those persons requesting copies of the information, the district charges $.10 per copy. For requests over $40, the district will send an itemized statement and ask for a response in writing, verifying that the requestor accepts the estimate.

Download the Public Information Flyer from the Texas Attorney General's Office.

Public Information Requests

All Open Records requests should be referred to the Communications Director immediately upon receipt. To submit an Open Records request please send to: