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Guest Teachers

Our Guest Teachers play a vital role in the daily education of our students. As the classroom teacher for the day, Guest Teachers provide a stimulating learning environment for their students. We welcome degreed and certified teachers as well as individuals with 60 college hours. An official transcript is required.

5 Days per month -  $50 Bonus
 - 10 Days per month - $125 Bonus
 - 15 Days per month - $200 Bonus

Daily Pay
$95 per day 
$115 per day (10 or more days in same position)

Accept jobs today!

Guest Teachers must work six days a month.  A Guest Teacher may serve in a long-term position at the principal’s discretion, in the absence of the classroom teacher. After the 10th day in the long-term assignment, the Guest Teacher will earn the daily, long-term rate. If the Guest Teacher is absent anytime during the long-term assignment or has to leave early, the long-term pay restarts at day one at the normal daily rate.

Guest Teachers who work for four hours or less per day will be credited for one-half day of work. Guest teachers who work more than four hours per day will be credited for one full day of work. *Half days or full days are based on the vacancy selected in Absence Management, and guest teachers are paid based on the job assigned.


Viridiana Jimenez
Human Resources/Substitute Coordinator
(817) 367-1300

Steps to become a Guest Teacher