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Critical Updates

The Critical Updates page provides important information about safety, health, and other pertinent topics. Updates on this page will not replace other forms of emergency communication, but this serves as a place for parents to find more information concerning timely issues. It’s essential that you continue to check your phone, email and school and district Facebook page when incidents occur on a campus or district level.

Partnering with our students, staff, families and community is essential to keeping our schools safe.
Continually evaluating and enhancing our plans and procedures, practicing emergency drills,
and communicating are key to helping keep our students safe.

In a crisis, accurate information matters. We are in constant contact with the command staff of our local Police Departments, and we will relay that information directly to the families of our students. We will verify information from multiple sources and relay information as soon as we get it directly from our local police departments.

If a crisis occurs at your school, factual information will be delivered to you at the contact information you provided through Skyward/Gradebook. It's important that your cell phone is listed as your primary phone number, and it is up-to-date. It is our promise that whenever a safety situation arises, we will  communicate with you as soon as facts are available. Additional updates are sent if new information is discovered.

You can play an important role to help stop misinformation. Focusing on facts and remaining calm will help us work through situations as quickly as possible. Embellishing and posting or reposting false information can have serious effects, create panic and anxiety for students and parents.

Let’s work together to prevent rumors – especially on social media – so fear and uncertainty do not gain power in stressful situations. The WSISD commitment is to keep our students safe, and our partnership with the community helps make this possible.


When our families are educated regarding WSISD's Safety Protocols,
it helps us to better prioritize our students' safety in the event of a crisis.


During a Hold, students remain in the classroom, and classroom doors remain locked. A Hold could be used during a medical situation. Inside the classroom, it will be business as usual. 


Secure is called when there is something dangerous outside of the building. Students and staff are brought into the building, and the outside doors will be locked.  Inside, it will be business as usual. This could be a police situation in the area such as a warrant being served or a police chase. 


A Lockdown is called when there is something dangerous inside of the building. Students and staff are trained to enter or remain in a room that can be locked, and maintain silence. A Lockdown is only initiated when there is an active threat inside or very close to the building.

First page of the PDF file: SRP-K12-Poster-English


Any of the above types of emergencies could result in delays in the normal drop-off or release schedule for a campus.

We will provide frequent updates to families with schedule changes and drop-off or pick-up locations.


WSISD uses the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) safety program. Staff members are trained in the protocol, and students and staff participate in regular drills. SRP is based on four actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. SRP provides a common language for both schools and local law enforcement agencies. 


Because things move quickly during emergency events, we cannot share in advance where everyone should go after the emergency has passed. We know this information is critical so our only goal will be to communicate a meeting location to you as quickly as possible.

As soon as it's safe, we will do everything we can to get you and your child reunited quickly. We will communicate the location, what you need to bring, where to report and anything else you need to know so you and your loved one can be reunited. Follow all instructions from law enforcement.