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The WSISD Discipline Alternative Education Program is a behavior modification program designed to serve students who have been removed from their home campus for violating the WSISD Code of Conduct or for students in the WSISD who have been charged with a felony offense. The DAEP program includes the following components:

  • Behavior Management
  • Academics
  • Structured Environment

Students assigned to DAEP are not allowed to return to their home campus, nor any WSISD campus or location where WSISD activities are taking place during the term of their assignment to DAEP.

WSISD Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
728 Comal Ave.
White Settlement, TX 76108
Phone: 817-367-1364 | Fax: 817-367-1366

Student Hours:
Monday – Friday   
8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Intake Procedures

Parents or guardians of a student who has been assigned to DAEP by their home campus administrator should set up an intake meeting by contacting:

Zena Anthony
(817) 367-1364

DAEP Intake Brochure

Programa eucativo de disciplina alternativa

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