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Threat Assessment Care Team

The WSISD Care Team provides a proactive approach to identify individuals who may pose a threat and provide interventions before a violent incident occurs. Threat assessment involves asking:

  • Is this person on a pathway to violence? If so, how can we get this person off the pathway to violence?
  • How can we help him/her solve their problems, fix their situation, or address their condition in a non-violent way?

The Care Team receives reports about concerning students and situations, gathers additional information, assesses the risk posed to the school community, and develops intervention and management strategies to mitigate any risk of harm.

Threat assessment is focused primarily on support and problem-solving.

WSISD’s Threat Assessment Care Team includes representatives from the following departments; counseling, behavior management, mental health, classroom instruction, special education, administration, safety and security, emergency management and law enforcement. WSISD takes all tips and reports seriously.

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